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DeWayne Hall for Good Life Asset Strategies

DeWayne Hall


Since receiving both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Abilene Christian University, DeWayne Hall has owned and partnered in over a dozen businesses in a wide range of industries. Along the way he became a trader, and founded Good Life Asset Strategies in 2012 after developing several active trading strategies for high net worth individuals and institutions. Leveraging his business experience, DeWayne specializes in startup and small business consulting and financial services.

Justin Hall, CFP for Good Life Asset Strategies

Justin Hall, CFP®


Justin Hall is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and came into the Investment Advisory business because of his deep passion for helping others. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Abilene Christian University, and an MBA in Finance from Oklahoma City University. Before joining Good Life, Justin was Vice-President of Operations for one of the family businesses, overseeing 50 employees on a daily basis. Justin is active in the Ft. Worth community, serving on the Finance Committee and heading up the Investment Committee for the Girl Scouts of Texas and Oklahoma Plains. His passion is holistic financial and retirement planning.

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Fiduciary Duties

We believe being a fiduciary is the most important part of our professional relationship with our clients. Being a fiduciary not only allows us to act in our client’s best interest no matter the circumstance, it requires us to. We take our fiduciary obligations very seriously. Rest assured: at Good Life, our clients always come first.

Our Fee-Only Structure

We believe part of our fiduciary responsibility lies in being a fee-only investment advisory firm. We make no commissions from anything we recommend to our clients. Our compensation comes only from fees of assets we manage. The better our clients do, the better we do, always keeping our client’s goals first and foremost throughout the asset and wealth management process.

Invest With Us

Providing customized investment strategies gives us the expertise not many other financial advisory firms possess. We understand the equity, bond, option, and forex markets because we actively trade each on a daily basis. No matter what your investment objectives or needs, we can create the strategy that’s right for you.

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