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Investment Management

Active Investing

At Good Life, we have many years’ experience actively trading investment accounts.  We believe our active strategies are a great compliment to passive allocation portfolios,and can provide other avenues to diversification. We actively trade in the equity, bond, option, and forex markets. For more information about our active investment strategies, click here.

Passive Investing

At Good Life, we use only highly liquid, low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to comprise our passive allocation strategies based on clients’ individual needs, goals, and risk tolerances.  We believe ETFs provide investors a long-term edge over most mutual funds which typically have higher fees and less tax efficiencies.  For more information about our passive investment programs or the ETFs that comprise them, click here.

Passive Income Investing

We have proprietary investment programs we manage for retirees and clients seeking regular income.The programs generate consistent income from dividends paid in a diversified group of higher yielding exchange traded funds (ETFs).  The program allows the investor to generate reliable cash flow that maybe paid directly into their account every month or quarter, based on their individual needs.  For more information on our passive income programs, click here.

Account Types & Services

Holistic Financial Planning

Education Investing (529 Plans, Education Savings Accounts)
Brokerage Accounts
Alternative Investments (Credit, Private Equity, Real Estate, Business Development Companies, Hedge Funds)
Retirement Accounts (Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, Solo 401k)
Cash Management, Banking & Lending Services through Schwab Bank
Custodial Accounts
Trust Assistance and Trust Investment Management
Health Savings Brokerage Accounts (HSBAs)
Charitable Giving
Commission-free insurance assistance (Life, Disability, Annuities)
Small-Mid Sized Business Retirement Plan Solutions

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