Weekly Market Update 4/19/23: upside breakout

Weekly Market Update for May 19, 2023, from DeWayne Hall: Upside Breakout

Just when we were running out of patience, finally, the upside breakout we had been anticipating for quite a while. Took it long enough.

This upside breakout is led by just a couple of dozen names, mostly all in the technology arena. When Apple, Facebook (sorry, their Facebook, we refuse to recognize their cool new gender-neutral pronoun), Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Netflix want to head higher, they’re taking the indexes with them, plain and simple. The other 99% of stocks are getting left in the dust, still stuck in the mud.

With this backdrop, what to do, oh what to do? We see the possibility of another two or three percent higher in the indexes, led by the big tech juggernauts. You can maybe ride their coattails a little further. But the rising tide of the handful of big-boy tech stocks isn’t lifting all the other boats. That, friends, should not be taken lightly.


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