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Weekly Market Update for October 20, 2023, from DeWayne Hall: Continuing to wait on the S&P today

Weekly Market Update for October 20, 2023, from DeWayne Hall: Continuing to wait on the S&P today

As Judge Smalls (Ted Knight) said in Caddyshack, “Well, we’re waiting…”

That’s how we feel about the S&P today.  We’re closing another trading week with no resolution to this grinding sideways chop.  

S&P Today: Where will it be in the up-down cycle? 

The past few weeks have given us six up days when stocks caught a bid, followed by two down, then two up, and now three down in which stocks suddenly look weak, but oversold. All this up-down and we’re right where we were three weeks ago, the S&P 500 sitting right on top of its all-important 200-day moving average

Good Life Asset Strategies continues its technical analysis of risk

From a technical perspective, we can easily talk out of both sides of our mouths.  Several important indicators lean bullish, but a couple of equally important ones lean bearish. We’ve deployed a small amount of cash the past few weeks, nibbling in starter positions on a dozen names or so, and will add to them if they move higher, and bail on them if they don’t. 

Based on the S&P today, we still don’t believe in taking on much risk, at least until the market shows its face on the direction it wants to head into the end of the year. Until then, we wait…enjoying the healthy interest on our cash.



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