Is this just an oversold bounce? Learn how this may be the case, but recovering from downward trends will still take time by reading DeWayne Hall’s Weekly Market Update for March 17, 2023.

Weekly Market Update for March 17, 2023, from DeWayne Hall:

It’s been a wild and woolly ride this week. After running the banking industry right to the edge of the cliff, it appears things have settled down…for now. Stocks were deeply oversold by just about every short-term measure and due a rebound, which it has. How far it will recover is the $100,000 question, as pretty significant technical damage has been done, which will require some time and healing to change the downward trend. 

And just because folks in Washington are doing cartwheels trying to make us believe all is well, the market remains vulnerable to more shocks in the coming days and weeks, as no amount of reassurances and cheerleading can change the underlying fundamentals that got us here in the first place. 


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