Weekly update 4/7/23 Economic Headwinds and Stock Prices

Weekly Market Update for April 7, 2023, from DeWayne Hall: Economic Headwinds

After a nice bounce higher in March, U.S. stocks are taking a breather as we head into the holiday weekend. It’s a well-deserved pause and, so far, appears to be tame and orderly. 

Despite poor headlines, trader sentiment is strong, and risk-on is the flavor of the day. It means good news is good news, and bad news is good news. In times like these, it’s best not to overthink the disconnect between the economic headwinds and lofty prices of stocks. It’s best to just go with it in the short term and try and make some hay while the sun’s shining, because the disconnect will run its course soon enough, and stocks will wake up to reality. 


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