Credit management during the holidays

Credit Management During the Holidays

Credit management can be challenging for some who plan to use credit cards and other programs to fund holiday purchases. It’s common to overspend on gift giving and the rise of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) program participation can be tempting, but risky.

BNPL programs benefit businesses but can be adverse for customers. Be proactive in creating a holiday spending plan before you make your first purchase.

Be mindful of credit during the holidays

Before you begin adding extra holiday expenses, take the time to create a mindful and intentional plan. Credit cards and BNPL programs can be helpful tools, but it is essential to know your limits. Use credit tools to your advantage; don’t let them use you.

Do your research!

Find the programs and tools that work best for you and your unique situation. This process can be very complicated and overwhelming. Taking home your gifts now is appealing, but you need to understand program fees and terms first. Putting off payment may end up costing you significantly more than you thought. Work with a financial advisor to better understand your situation and options.

Credit management for young adults

The holiday season can be a good time for young adults to establish their credit. Small purchases paid in full and on time help build credit.

A prevailing credit management misconception is the length of time it takes to build credit. You establish credit the minute your account reports to a credit bureau. Proactive management maintains good credit. Overspending and missed payments contribute to lowering credit. Poor choices and improper use of credit tools results in financial situations that can take years to repair.

Young adults often work with family or other trusted mentors, such as financial advisors, to learn good financial habits and create financial plans. Creating a good foundation of financial knowledge can prevent poor choices and avoid the consequences of overspending.

Make a plan with Good Life Asset Strategies

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